Updated Demo/Early Access Release Soon

The game was featured on SideQuestVR again, thanks to SideQuest for that. I will be releasing an overhauled free demo of the game within a few days, and a few days after that I will be releasing the first paid early access release which will consist of about twenty minutes of gameplay. The game will be extended with new features and content until it has over two hours of gameplay (on average, not a speedrun).

As I've mentioned previously, the next version of the game will be the first release to include the metroidvania gameplay of the final game. The version available on itch.io as I am writing this is a simple first person shooter.

The artist for the game is currently putting the finishing touches on the last parts of the level, and I am working on some last minute improvements. Soon I will be submitting the game to Applab and creating the Steam pages (one for the free demo, and one for the paid early access release).

I've also set up a Discord server for the game.

Get Realm of the Fallen - Demo

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