Shield Bashing and URP

This new version is a minor update that renders slightly faster and uses less battery. I've also added shield bashing and other melee features.

To achieve lower GPU utilization, I transitioned from Unity's built-in rendering pipeline to the more modern universal rendering pipeline (URP). The game looks slightly different now, but I tried to match the original materials as closely as possible.

You can now bash your enemies with your shield and cause substantial damage. You can also bludgeon enemies with your gun and punch them, but those attacks do little damage.

This is the feedback I've received for the previous version:

  • People like the bow.
  • The snap turn is confusing. A lot of people watching the videos think it is a frame skip.
  • The tractor beam is confusing. This is the most frequent feedback I have been getting. They don’t understand why the beam emanates from the palm, and they don’t understand how to use the buttons to push/pull. 
  • People like the climbing, especially the "release to finish climb" feature.
  • People like the grenades.

Right now I am leaning toward shifting the game toward bow/melee. There will be some guns, but they will not be the classic FPS-style guns that are there now. This transition will take time since it is not trivial to get melee right in VR. I might change my mind.

I was surprised that so many people found the snap turn confusing since it has been in consumer VR games for so long. Eventually I will add options to customize the controls, which will include the option to toggle snap turning. The game is more immersive if you do not use the joystick to turn anyway.

At the moment I have not decided how to modify the tractor beam interaction, if at all. The beam emanates from the palm so you can grab the object once it is close. Most testers have said they expect the beam to emanate from the fingers.

Remember that this level is for testing purposes. The final game will be quite different.


Monster Test Alpha 4-14-22.apk 1,015 MB
Apr 15, 2022

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