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It's been nearly a month since the last update. Users have requested that I add some settings for input. I added a few settings:

  • Locomotion hand can be set to either the right or left hand. Previously it was always the left hand. The hand opposite to the locomotion hand will always be the rotation hand.
  • The move direction can be set to be from the direction the locomotion hand is facing, rather than the default behavior which is to move in the direction that you are looking. I will likely add more options for the movement direction in the future.
  • Joystick turning can be disabled.
  • You can switch between snap turning and smooth turning. This is probably the most requested setting since many users do not understand snap turning.
  • If smooth turning is used then you can specify the turn speed.

In other news, I am currently working on the level that will be in the first paid version of the game. Currently the demo plays like an old first person shooter, but this is not what I wanted to develop originally. The game was supposed to be a Metroidvania with one large level and more stealth elements (but also a lot of action). The new level will make the game more how I originally intended it to be. The 3D artist for the game is helping me improve the aesthetic of the new level. The previous level looked very retro because it is mostly programmer art, not because I intended it to. The ETA for the new level is the end of July. I am also working on presenting the story in-game.


Realm of the Fallen Pre-Alpha 6-25-22.apk 976 MB
Jun 26, 2022

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