General Update/Story Art

It has been a while since I have released any news about this project. I am actively working on it, but my objectives for the next release are much more ambitious than they were for the previous ones. The game is now a metroidvania which is what I originally wanted to do. The previous demo I released was more like a classic FPS where you just walk straight through the level killing everything until you get to the end. The new game will take place in a large environment and involve a lot of backtracking (I am going to make it so the backtracking isn't boring).

I plan on having something released by the end of the month. The game will be available for the Meta Quest 2, and for PC VR through Steam. I do plan on charging for the game, probably $10. It will be an early access version and have about 20 minutes of gameplay. I want the final game to be about two hours long. As I add content and make the game longer, I will raise the price. Users that bought the game early for $5 will still get all of the new content. The first early access release will have a lot of features, but I plan on adding many more.

I hired some 2D artists to do story images for the game. Originally I was planning on putting them in the game at the beginning, but I am deliberating on whether it is a good idea to tell the user the story up front or reveal it to them throughout the game. I need three more images to fully tell the story, but each of those images depends on design decisions about the game that have not been made.

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